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Why does my right shoulder blade hurt?

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Why does my right shoulder blade hurt? In this video Andrew discusses a couple of possible reasons why that might be the case. There are plenty of others, of course! If you would like to read the BMJ article on the research about neck pain, then click
If you would like to have a look at the NICE guidelines on the management of gallstones, click

Just one hour per week!

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Great article here, by Harvey and colleagues, about how effective even just ONE hour per week of exercise is, in the prevention of depression. Depression is often a significant factor in physical symptoms such as neck pain, low back pain and headaches. Exercise may therefore be really helpful in helping to reduce these symptoms. You can read the research article here:…/10…/appi.ajp.2017.16111223

Do computers cause neck and shoulder pain?

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A Chinese study has suggested that high levels of psychological stress are a significant factor in the cause of shoulder and upper back complaints in computer workers. Participants who had high levels of workload were more likely to develop lower back pain than upper back pain.

The 203 participants in the study were computer users and reported high levels of shoulder (73%), neck, (71%) and upper back (60%) pain. Thoise participants with the highest workloads had even greater levels of symptoms

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