There is lots that you can do to help yourself if you have problems.

Spinal exercises are often helpful to relieve pain and to help joint problems recurring. Exercises will stretch tight muscles and mobilise stiff joints. As a general rule of thumb, if an exercise is uncomfortable and then gets easier, it is a helpful exercise. Conversely, if an exercise creates an increasing amount of pain it is better avoided. If in doubt consult your chiropractor. The exercises demonstrated here are simple, generic exercises that are prescribed by many practitioners for many conditions. Use your common sense with them please. (Boring legal stuff: If you are not a patient of ours, we cannot accept any liability for you injuring yourself etc etc….)

For low back problems start with a series of simple low back flexibility exercises.

For neck problems, start with a series of simple neck mobility exercises.

For hip problems, try some of our hip stretching exercises.

If you want to try and improve your abdominal muscles, have a look at these two videos:  (pt 1)and (pt 2).

Lots of people try and do sit-ups! Here is a video about how to do sit-ups properly.

If your posture is poor and your upper back is rounded, look at these two exercise videos: upper back 1 and upper back 2

Here is a video about exercises to strengthen the shoulder muscles

There are some knee rehab exercise here:  (part 1), and more here (part 2).