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My jeans were too tight!

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Back in January, I thought that my washing machine was playing up, and shrinking my jeans! But then I realised that I was using a different hole on my belt…

Cup of tea?

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I was about to go for a run and then come back and have a cup of tea, but then I read this article in the BJSM about the effects…

I was an addict….

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Bizarrely, when I was 18yrs old, I found that running kept my eczema at bay. It was great to feel that simply by going running, my eczema got less troublesome….

An unusual cause of neck pain and headache

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‘Eagle Syndrome’ is a rare condition first described  in 1937 by an American ENT specialist, Dr Watt Weams Eagle (great name)! It sometimes starts after surgery to the tonsils, strangely….