Important: Re  Covid-19 risk (April 2021)

Although we are open, for everyone’s safety we have made some changes to how we run the practice. Please see this important information about how we are currently working.

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Liz hurts her back….

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Liz hurt her back, so decided to come to see us here at the clinic. Andrew examined her and found something interesting on ultrasound examination: a simple ovarian cyst, nearly…

A 65yr-old lady with a funny walk….

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Late last autumn, the GF found an injured hedgehog in her garden. It was missing its left back leg.The reason for this wasn’t clear: a rat bite maybe, or injured…

An older lady with back pain

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This older lady had back pain. Why did we do a urine test? What did it show? Find out in this short video!

This check-up was a really good idea!

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People have different opinions about check-ups. Most of us go to the dentist for check-ups, for instance. Some don’t. Many medical specialities recommend check-ups, like opticians. Some of us go…