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How do you know if one leg is longer than the other?

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It’s nearly Burns night (25th Jan), so we are having a Burns night supper: Haggis (vegetarian), neeps and tattys! The fictional wild haggis was reputed to have legs longer on…

Fitness or Pharmacy?

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If you need some inspiration to get yourself exercising in 2019, checkout this video discussing a new piece of research demonstrating that exercise can be as good as medication in…

My Mum’s Christmas Cake is so good…’s BAD!!!!

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My Mum makes the BEST Christmas cake ever. But like most things in life, what we love may not be so good for us….in excess. Increasingly all practitioners have patients…

What have sprouts ever done for us?

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I have to admit it I am a great fan of brussel sprouts. I certainly wasn’t as a child. In fact the sprouts cooked in school kitchens produced an aroma…