Important: Re current Covid virus issues

We have been seeing patients again since Monday 6th July. For everyone’s safety we have made some subtle changes to how we run the practice. Please see this important information about how we are currently working.

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Six features to look for when buying an office chair

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Are you working from home now? Fed up with sitting on the sofa while working on the laptop? Going to buy an office chair but don’t know what features to…

A 70yr old man with leg pain

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Leg pain is pretty common, especially as we get older. There are lots of reasons why this can happen. In this video I discuss about one cause of leg pain…

A Big ‘Thank-you’ – to you!

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Many of you have been asking (thanks for being interested) whether I passed my ultrasound exams…… I did! So now I have my ‘Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Ultrasound (Abdomen)’….

Get yourself moving….

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We are coming to the end of our third week of being open and seeing our patients again! Lots of our patients have said that working from home on a less-than…