Important: Re  Covid-19 risk (June 2022)

We continue to sanitise the clinic thoroughly. We are still using masks and would prefer it if you would too, please. Please see this important information about how we are currently working.

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A 32yr old man with pain in the mid-back

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Mark is 32yrs old. He came to the clinic complaining of pain in the mid-back, in between his shoulder blades. It had started about six weeks previously, for no obvious…

Bring Sally Up….

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Have you seen the recent ‘Bring Sally Up’ challenge about doing pushups in time with the Moby track ‘Flower’? Pushups are the ultimate triceps exercise. I find it almost impossible,…

Is your BP monitor any good?

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This article was stimulated by me seeing an article by Dean Piccone and colleagues [1] in the JAMA. I thought that all blood pressure (BP) monitors that are sold in…

Does too much exercise cause back pain?

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Sometimes you wonder about scientists. Do they want their research to be understood? Or do they want to cloak it in mystery? One study, published quite a number of years…