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My girlfriend doesn’t like beetroot!

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There is a common condition that quite often causes back pain. The standard medical treatment in recent years has been medication, but there is a shift now towards managing this…

I got my license….. from a cornflake packet!

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You’re probably too young to remember the old days…… no breakfast TV! The only thing to do was to read the Cornflake packaging. Cornflakes are apparently fortified with Niacin. ‘Why…

Do whales get back pain?

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As many of you know I go off to one of the Scottish islands most summers, and this year was no exception. I am gradually getting to know some of…

Do you want to live for an extra 12 years?

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Recent research has suggested that if we adopt five healthy lifestyle practises before the age of fifty that we can increase our life expectancy by twelve years, compared with people…