Important: Re  Covid-19 risk (Feb 2022)

We currently have no plans to ease our Covid-19 policies. You will need to wear a mask, please, and our clinical staff will be in PPE. We continue to sanitise the clinic thoroughly. Please see this important information about how we are currently working.

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Bring Sally Up….

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Have you seen the recent ‘Bring Sally Up’ challenge about doing pushups in time with the Moby track ‘Flower’? Pushups are the ultimate triceps exercise. I find it almost impossible,…

Is your BP monitor any good?

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This article was stimulated by me seeing an article by Dean Piccone and colleagues [1] in the JAMA. I thought that all blood pressure (BP) monitors that are sold in…

Does too much exercise cause back pain?

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Sometimes you wonder about scientists. Do they want their research to be understood? Or do they want to cloak it in mystery? One study, published quite a number of years…

Can you run faster with these?

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I’ve never been a very fast runner. My Parkrun speed is only 6.2 mph. Mostly I run for the mood ‘high’ that running gives me. I reckon that Jill, the…