Andrew Rowe

Andrew graduated from AECC in Bournemouth in 1986. He worked in a number of other clinics before starting Abingdon Chiropractic Clinic in 1989 (yes, over 30 years ago)! Andrew has a particular interest in stress-related back pain. He was previously responsible for the post-graduate training programme of local newly-qualified chiropractors. He has recently received his Post-Grad Certificate in Medical Ultrasound of the Abdomen from the Centre for Ultrasound Studies in Bournemouth. There is a short (1 min) video about this here. His interests are swimming and cycling. He has two sons, both have finished university (thank goodness)!

Contact Andrew via email: [email protected]

Click here to watch a brief interview with Andrew.

Tara Craig

Tara graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC) in 2004. She spent some time working in London and Essex before moving to Abingdon in 2010. She returned to work last June after Rosa was borm.

Over the years clinic Tara has taken a particular interest in pre and post-natal care for women and care for infants and children. She has undertaken many hours of postgraduate training in this matter. Tara’s main goal is to help patients achieve their health goals and make well informed choices for better wellbeing.

Contact Tara via email: [email protected]

 You can see a brief video interview with Tara by clicking here.