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From a Pumpkin into a Prince

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Is it worth reviewing our health periodically and getting things checked? We like to think so, and so do many of our patients. The patient in this video was shocked when I did his annual review a few months ago and found a couple of things that he was not happy about…….

Find out what they were, and what he did about it, in this short (90 seconds) video. He turned himself from a Pumpkin into a Prince!

Interestingly, research published earlier this year suggests that the effects of a medical health check can last for up to six years after the intervention. As might be expected, patients who attend for medical health checks tend to be healthier patients than those that do not, for reasons that are not fully understood at this stage.

My girlfriend doesn’t like beetroot!

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There is a common condition that quite often causes back pain. The standard medical treatment in recent years has been medication, but there is a shift now towards managing this condition with dietary changes and weight loss.

Find out what this condition is by watching this very brief (1 min) video, where we visit our allotment and find out which vegetable has not been eaten by slugs, and how it can be used as part of a healthy diet!

My jeans were too tight!

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Back in January, I thought that my washing machine was playing up, and shrinking my jeans! But then I realised that I was using a different hole on my belt buckle, and that actually, all of my clothes were too tight. Oops – too fat! Time to lose weight. Two months later, and I had lost 10% of my body weight. Have a look at this video and find out how I did it!

The Complete Guide to Fasting by Jason Fung, available via Mostly Books, our favourite bookstore just round the corner from the practice!

www.dietdoctor.com Website run by the irritatingly handsome Dr Andreas Eenfeldt about low carb eating. Lots of stuff by Jason Fung here.

Intensive Dietary Management. ‘Fasting for Weight Loss and Diabetes Reversal Made Simple. (Jason Fungs website)

Effect of Breakfast on Weight and Energy Intake: Systemic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials. BMJ.com

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