His leg felt like it was…… broken!

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When we were out cycling as a group a few years ago, near Frilford Health, a couple of the guys bumped handlebars and Kevin came off his bike onto the road (hard). I was called upon to have a look and see what damage he had done. Nothing was displaced, but I knew very quickly that Kevin had broken his leg. How did I know? Find out in this short video!

A perfectly ‘armless fall

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Many of you will know that Andrew is doing his diagnostic ultrasound training (it’s a slow process) and  have been very gracious in allowing him to practice on you – thank you! Here is a short video about a case where diagnostic ultrasound was really helpful in deciding whether the patient needed to go to the hospital for further investigation and treatment. Turns out she did! Have a look at this short video and see what happened! (Thanks to the patient for allowing me to use the scan picture – you know who you are)!

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