Hip stretching exercises

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This video shows two very simple stretches that you can use to increase the mobility of the hip, and three stretches to increase flexibility of some of the muscles associated with hip movement. Go gently with the exercises. Some mild discomfort is to be expected, but if you get any significant pain, then cease the exercises and get some advice!

Do you get more back pain as you get older?

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It’s a commonly held belief that we tend to get more back pain as we get older. But is this true? Some Scandinavian researchers had a look at this belief. They studied 12 research papers that looked at sub-groups of patients where there was a significant proportion¬†of older patients. Interestingly, they found that there was no evidence to suggest that patients who are older than 60yrs have more back pain than middle-aged patients (45+yrs). What was even more interesting was that the older (80+yrs) patients tend to get less back pain than the younger patients in these studies! Maybe there is hope for us yet

Causes of back pain

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A recent article in Spine journal (July 01 2012) by Matsudeira and colleagues highlights an issue that chiropractors  come across regularly in practice: that monotonous tasks and interpersonal stress at work are significant factors in the prediction of LBP at work. Other factors include previous episodes of low back pain and frequent lifting.

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