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Fitness or Pharmacy?

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If you need some inspiration to get yourself exercising in 2019, checkout this video discussing a new piece of research demonstrating that exercise can be as good as medication in reducing blood pressure. Wow! This is a ground-breaking piece of high quality research.

Andrew is also inspired to get into a new form of exercise: jump-rope. Exclusive new footage of him skipping in this video – and yes, he knows that you will mock him….Anyway, hope you had a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2019!

Here is the link to the research article in the BJSM:

My Mum’s Christmas Cake is so good…’s BAD!!!!

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My Mum makes the BEST Christmas cake ever. But like most things in life, what we love may not be so good for us….in excess. Increasingly all practitioners have patients who complain of symptoms of gout: pain, often quite severe, commonly in the big toe. This is probably due to our rich lifestyle. In this video I discuss some of the things that we can do to reduce the risk of us getting gout. Have a great Christmas!

What have sprouts ever done for us?

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I have to admit it I am a great fan of brussel sprouts. I certainly wasn’t as a child. In fact the sprouts cooked in school kitchens produced an aroma that would put most people off eating sprouts – forever!

There are some great reasons for eating sprouts – watch the video and find out what they are.  I have also made a suggestion about how you make your sprouts more exciting this Christmas!

Give my recipe a go and let me know what your guests think!

Hope you have a great Christmas!

Thanks to the great Monty Python team as well as Adrian Edmonson and the late great Rik Mayall………..

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