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Come and visit Tanzania!

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When we ask our patients in the clinic to pop into the loo and do a ‘wee’ sample for us, it is taken for granted that the loo is clean and well-lit, and disposes of the waste safely. Furthermore, there is hot and cold running water to wash your hands and individual hand towels to dry your hands. The loo is secure and you will feel safe. Of course!

Just think what it would be like if were not so? Dirty, dark, unhygienic, unsafe! Well that is how things are for many people world-wide, which is crazy considering how much wealth and knowledge there is across the world!

Enter who are on a mission to change things. Through their website we have twinned our clinic toilet with a toilet in Tanzania. The money that we have paid to do this will go towards building another toilet somewhere in the world that needs it. Awesome!

Why would we ask our patients to do a urine sample? Because a urine sample can tell us if a patient has a urinary tract infection, or a kidney stone, or diabetic nephropathy, all of which can produce low back pain. These conditions may need medical treatment, rather than chiropractic treatment!

Why did we choose Tanzania as our twinning choice? You’ll have to watch the video to find out (it’s only 1 min long)!

She died….I cried….

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When I was nine years old (admittedly, that was a long time ago), my pet hamster died. I cried and cried.. Vets tell us that pet owners cry more for their pets than they do for their family. That’s weird!

Grief sometimes manifests itself as physical symptoms, and probably all practitioners see patients with symptoms that might be made more troublesome because they are mourning a loss.

I was intrigued by a podcast called ‘Griefcast‘, run by comedian Cariad Lloyd, who interviews different comedians about loss and grief. A lot of the interviews are really funny, and this gives us a clue about grief: it’s different for each of us. Have a look at it and see what you think. You can also find it on via your iTunes account and on Acast.

If you get stronger, will you live longer?

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There was a great piece of research published last year in the BMJ, about the correlation between grip strength and various health outcomes, including mortality. Yes, mortality. It seems that higher strength is associated with health and with living longer. No real surprise there. What interested me, particularly was that grip strength is a good indicator of general muscle strength.

It seems, therefore that clinicians can use grip strength as a general indicator of our health. Not surprisingly, Andrew has bought a grip strength tester, a dynamometer. Maybe he’ll test your grip strength!

What we don’t yet know is if increasing the strength of our muscles will make us live longer. Maybe, or maybe not! Anyway, it makes sense for us to try and improve our general muscle strength, something that many of us have neglected to do, at the expense of only working on our cardiovascular fitness.

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