My sailing holiday (how to break your spine part II)

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I was reading the Scottish Medical Journal the other day (it’s new to me, and much recommended!) when I came across this article about spinal compression fractures sustained by people on jet-skis and motor boats while on holiday in Malta

Ways of breaking your spine seem to be a theme of mine, currently, on this blog! You might have seen my last post about pilots ejecting out of Lightning jets, getting the same type of injury.

Bottom line: if you get back pain after being on a jet-ski or speed-boat, you may have had a spinal compression fracture, so make sure that you have an X-Ray!

This journal article got me reminiscing about some of the sailing holidays that I had from Malta with my family, and the unpleasant medical problem that I had to endure (you’ll have to watch the video to find out what it was , it’s only 1 minute long (but the medical complaint seemed to go on for ever)…..

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