Knee rehab exercises

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There was a great article published in the BMJ earlier this year highlighting some research about knee problems. The important finding was that a knee rehabilitation programme over a twelve week period was as effective as surgery, for older patients who were suffering from ‘degenerative meniscal tear’ of the knee.

The average age of the patients was about 50yrs. They were suffering from degenerative changes(damage) in the meniscus (cartilage) of the knee. Most of these patients did not have any visible changes on X-Rays.

The rehabilitation exercise that was used was described in an article published in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical therapy in 2012. You can read it here.

The rehabilitation programme did involve the use of some gym equipment. We recognise that this is a limitation for many people. Therefore we have created some videos that use low-tech equipment to replace the gym equipment: an exercise band, and a gym ball. You can get these from Argos or Tesco Direct, or indeed, Amazon, no doubt. There is one piece of equipment that you do need access to, and that is an exercise bike. Your neighbours might have one that they want to get rid of!

The exercises are not suitable for everyone! Patients with severe osteoarthritis may well find some of them impossible. People with balance issues should approach them with extreme care. Patients with ligament problems will find some of them aggravate their problems. However, many patients with these issues will find some of the exercises helpful. If you are unsure about the exercises, do ask us on your next visit about them! Please do not do an exercise that you are unsure about.

The first video is here. It is a two-part series, so make sure that you watch both videos!

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