I was an addict….

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Bizarrely, when I was 18yrs old, I found that running kept my eczema at bay. It was great to feel that simply by going running, my eczema got less troublesome. I became addicted to running….

‘Runners high’ is the sensation of going running as one person and coming back from your run as another (much nicer) person. You may well have experienced this!

You do not wish ( if you are a running addict like I was), to have to stop running due to ‘Runners Knee’. There was a great article about it this week in the BMJ. Runners Knee is, typically, pain on the outer aspect of the knee which comes on when we start a new running programme, particularly if we are running on hard surfaces, in old running shoes, on a camber or downhill. Running slowly can also make it worse.

To improve the problem, they recommend that you do faster interval-training, get some new running shoes, and get yourself assessed for biomechanical problems, especially leg length asymmetry. I have done previous videos about this topic here and here.

There are a couple of exercises that they recommend which you can see in the video!

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