Finding Ultra

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I have this dream of being lean, healthy and super-fit! I’ve just finished reading ‘Finding Ultra’ by Rich Roll. He was an alcoholic, unfit, overweight, overworking lawyer who completely reinvented himself, giving up the drink, eating a vegetarian diet, meditating daily, and getting so fit that he can compete in ‘Ultraman’ (think triathlon and then multiply by 10) events.

Rich was helped through a period of injury by his chiropractor in California, Shay Shani, and now has regular chiropractic visits as part of staying well.

Although it may sound like a cheesy self-help book, I was struck by the honesty of Rich, in describing the situation that he had got himself into, and was seriously impressed by the way that he has got himself into great shape using the techniques mentioned above. Although I have meditated over the years, I have easily forgotten to do it daily. I am also eating a much more vegetarian diet (much to the delight of my girlfriend), but I’m not yet a vegan.

I hope that my dream will become more of a reality with these changes!

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