Do you want to see my holiday pictures?

By August 15, 2018 blog 2 Comments

We got back from our holiday in Scotland a few weeks ago. Here are a few pictures…..


  • Brenda Stevenson says:

    Hi Andrew
    I liked the lesson on bones. Thank you.
    Of course, being naturally nosey (inquisitive) I would liked to have seen the beaches too.
    So glad you enjoyed your holiday.
    Best wishes

  • Hazel A Moodey says:

    Hi Andrew, So pleased that you have had an enjoyable
    holiday. Hubby and I have spent many a holiday north of the border. Having until recently family living in Tongue, Sutherland. Other in Helmsdale.
    Beach combing being one of my favourite pursuits, not lucky enough to find such large bones that you were examining!!!! We loved all the beaches we visited, especially being the only ‘bods’ making footprints along the waters edge. Enjoyed your video. Regards Hazel

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