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Did I tell you about my tennis career?

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I have loads in common with Andy Murray…. I’m Scottish -well, half-Scottish anyway. (By the way the Burns night went really well, thanks). My Mum loves us both and I’m also called Andy by my pals. (For some reason I’m always called Andrew at work, I’m not sure why)!. I used to play tennis too, and I have issues with my right hip.

Hip problems are commonly an issue with back pain, so us chiropractors are always interested in looking at the hips of our patients. Andy Murray had hip surgery recently. Hopefully it will be good for his back as well as resolving his hip pain. Have a look at this short video (less than 1 minute long) and find out why good hip function is important for our spines as well as why I did not become a tennis professional……

Hip stretching exercises

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This video shows two very simple stretches that you can use to increase the mobility of the hip, and three stretches to increase flexibility of some of the muscles associated with hip movement. Go gently with the exercises. Some mild discomfort is to be expected, but if you get any significant pain, then cease the exercises and get some advice!

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