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The Ice Man

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I have just finished reading this very interesting book by investigative journalist, Scott Carney. He had heard about a Dutchman called Wim Hof who was making some quite extra-ordinary health claims about using a combination of cold exposure, breathing techniques and meditation to improve health and fitness. Scott Carney visited Wim Hof and participated in some of his training, expecting to find that it was all a load of nonsense. However, it seems that Carney was quite won over and found the techniques personally very helpful. My particular interest in this is the potential benefits of dampening down the immune system. An over-active immune system can cause all sorts of problems, like rheumatoid arthritis, for instance. If there is a way of keeping our immune system in check without immuno-suppressive drugs, and stopping it from causing these problems, then this would be a massive help! Is it nonsense, or is there any benefit here? Have a look at the video see what you think!

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