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Oops! I cut the leg off – by accident!

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When you have pain in the leg it can be pretty unpleasant, and recently a patient said to me that she ‘wanted to cut her leg off’… which reminded me of something that happened years ago…..

What should you do if you have sciatica? What are the guidelines? In this short video (less than 2 minutes) you can find out what the guidelines recommend!

Here is a link to the BMJ article discussed in the video!

3 simple steps to protect your back before you exercise

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There are 3 simple steps you can take before you do an exercise that will help to protect your back. This video shows those three steps. The three steps can be done before you do any form of exercise, in any position. The steps form a core part of Pilates exercises, and many of you will be familiar with them. Don’t just keep these ideas for your Pilates class though, use them in any form of exercise, whether it be in the gym, doing some gardening, or lifting the shopping out of the car!

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