My girlfriend doesn’t like beetroot!

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There is a common condition that quite often causes back pain. The standard medical treatment in recent years has been medication, but there is a shift now towards managing this condition with dietary changes and weight loss.

Find out what this condition is by watching this very brief (1 min) video, where we visit our allotment and find out which vegetable has not been eaten by slugs, and how it can be used as part of a healthy diet!

I got my license….. from a cornflake packet!

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You’re probably too young to remember the old days…… no breakfast TV! The only thing to do was to read the Cornflake packaging. Cornflakes are apparently fortified with Niacin. ‘Why is that important?’ you ask…. Well, find out in short this video…. (Warning: contains footage of bad driving, as well as one of the secrets of eternal life. Actually, that’s not true, just one of the secrets of a longer life expectancy).

You can find the original BMJ article about Pellaga here.

Jason Vale’s website is here.

Buy the book locally here, at Mostly Books.

Do whales get back pain?

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As many of you know I go off to one of the Scottish islands most summers, and this year was no exception. I am gradually getting to know some of the islanders. One of them was telling me about a whale that had been washed up onto the beach near his house a few years ago. When we went to round to his house for a coffee and a chat, he gave me a couple of the vertebrae from the whale’s skeleton.

Whales are such beautiful animals, and their spinal bones are beautiful and strong. I’ll show you one next time you are in the clinic! 

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