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Low back pain in an older man

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It’s pumpkin season! This got me thinking about a patient, an older man, who I was treating, a while back, for his low back pain. On examining him I found some swelling in his lower abdomen. What was it? Find out in this short video!

If you would like to read more about pumpkin seeds and prostate health, there is a good summary here.

From a Pumpkin into a Prince

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Is it worth reviewing our health periodically and getting things checked? We like to think so, and so do many of our patients. The patient in this video was shocked when I did his annual review a few months ago and found a couple of things that he was not happy about…….

Find out what they were, and what he did about it, in this short (90 seconds) video. He turned himself from a Pumpkin into a Prince!

Interestingly, research published earlier this year suggests that the effects of a medical health check can last for up to six years after the intervention. As might be expected, patients who attend for medical health checks tend to be healthier patients than those that do not, for reasons that are not fully understood at this stage.

How quick are your reflexes?

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When I was a kid, I used to play cowboys with my pals Geoff and Pete. We had toy pistols that make a great bang when we did our gun draw duels, but I was always the slowest to draw my gun and was always the first to ‘die’. We used to talk about having ‘quick reflexes’, but what we really meant was quick ‘reactions’.

Our reflexes are actually a test of nerve function. We test patients reflexes a lot here in the clinic, because we want to know if their nerves are working properly. Is it good to have fast reflexes, or slow reflexes? Find out in this short video!

If you want to read the BMJ article about reflexes, you can find it here.

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