We know it’s obvious, BUT, please do NOT attend the clinic if you, or anyone in your household have any symptoms of Covid-19 infection: continuous cough, high temperature, loss of change of sense of taste or smell.

If you are not sure whether coming to see us is the right thing to do, simply email either Andrew or Tara!

To keep everyone as safe as possible, please:

Only attend if you have a pre-booked appointment and do not bring friends or relatives with you, unless necessary

Please arrive at the building at your pre-booked time, not too much before. We are trying to minimise the number of people in the waiting room at any one time. Please sanitise your hands when you enter, and wear a mask. We can provide one if you do not have your own. Try not to touch your face.

The receptionist will ask you to go through to one of the changing cubicles to change. Please keep your underwear on and put on the unisex gown that will have been put in the cubicle for you. Wait in the changing cubicle until the chiropractor calls you through.

The treatment room will have been cleaned immediately before you enter the room and the chiropractor will be wearing appropriate PPE: scrubs, apron, mask, visor and gloves. The apron and gloves are new for each patient.

Your treatment will proceed very much as normal. Guidelines suggest that treatment times should be minimised to reduce infection risk. So your chiropractor will proceed with the appropriate treatment but it may not be appropriate for us to spend any more time than is necessary to treat you. We hope that we will not be appearing to rush you!

When you get dressed again, please place the gown into the swing bin for us to launder it.

We will only be taking card payments, and will not handle cash or cheques. Our card machine will process a contactless payment and is our preferred method of receiving payment, please.

In order to ensure that possible overlap with the next patient is avoided, please exit the reception area promptly, sanitising your hands before you go, and taking your mask with you.